*Imagine that guru style.  Confiding myopia wisdoms amplified lusciously by all the beards.

The Facebook group.  Interesting questions.  Interesting answers.

Today, about night vision, in particular reduced night vision acuity while wearing lenses with reduced correction calibrated to reasonable daytime vision.

Here’s Alex, and his night vision question:


Look at that wise, statuesque even, guru insight.

Make sense?

If you aren’t overcorrecting your daytime vision, you might be loosing enough correction in poorly lit scenarios where you loose access to contrast details.

In other words, the lines between lighter and darker parts of the image are no longer defined enough to let your eyes work on focus using the contrast sensitivity they require. Like an auto focus camera in low light, hunting for focus, unable to find it.

Do you want to use *that* to try to improve your vision?

You could.  But you don’t want to.  That’s just more strain than you need to work with, and as a wise Jake once said, you only need a little bit of stimulus to reach maximum 20/20 gains potential.  Anymore more is just wasting your time, and stressing your darling visual cortex.

If anything, wear your previous stronger glasses (if you are currently using normalized for daytime distance), for night time use and driving – basically whenever there’s not enough light to get good focus.