Each day small treasures wash ashore in the guru-e-mail-inbox.

This is one of the major benefits of having become the main destination for myopia control conversation online – a lot of interaction, a lot of people writing in, a lot of conversation happening in our Facebook group, forum, …. and messages that end up in the inbox.

The guru isn’t actually wise at all, but rather just the grumbling librarian of a whole world of individual experiences.

Shut up Jake, you’re thinking.

So, ok.  Here’s one of the treasure e-mails:

Ahhhh, actual insight from the profession.

There is that.

Once in a while you run into a sane optometrist, somebody not just selling your kids glasses.  It’s not the norm though sadly, and mainly a matter of luck.

Posting it here for you just for your ongoing motivation.

And while we’re already on the topic of treasure e-mails,  here’s a real casual one:

Almost 20/20?!

These types of messages drive me just a tiny bit nuts.

You literally won’t hear from the vast majority of people, unless there’s something wrong or they need help.   How many darling kittehs get back to 20/20 and we never even hear about it?   Many, I suspect.

Do keep me posted of your 20/20 gains, please.  It’s what  keeps the old guru working!