Optometrist Improves: No Longer a High Myope!

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This week has been quite momentous for me. A major milestone.

I am no longer a “High Myope”. 

In March this year, I started out with a contact lens prescription of R -5.00, L -5.50. That’s about -5.50 and -6.00 in a spectacle prescription, plus a bit of astigmatism. Definately high myopia, from the age of about 12.

Two days ago, I am thrilled to report, after a good 20 minutes of no prescription on, I popped in my 4th normalized contact lens prescription of R -3.25, L-3.75.

My cm may have changed slightly, by about 1cm, but I don’t rely much on that measurement too much because I’m just terrible at measuring. I’m relying more on things like, the subtitles on tv, trees, buildings, boats.. all much clearer lately, with very little blur during the day. Not enough stimulus anymore, so I decided it was time to move forward.

What prevented me changing down sooner was the lower vision at night, indoors, driving etc. So Jake has suggested I go back to my previous differential in lower light levels, so as not to cause too much strain or discomfort right away. And I definately won’t be driving at night with the new prescription.

My visual acuity with the new differential in good light is 20/30 at the moment. Yes, I’m definately noticing the reduced clarity, even with this small 0.25 change, but that’s the stimulus I need to get me to the next level. 

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 As the week progresses I’m getting used to it, doing active focus whenever I can, enjoying the clarity I can achieve. And as you all know, the first couple of days of a new prescription are the worst it will ever be…after that your vision just keeps improving. And today I feel I’m on my way, at least in good light. 

My new status as a mid-myope has given me plenty to smile about. There’s a lot to be said for the psychological factor here.

A positive mind and plenty of stimulus and we will all get there. 

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Optometrist Improves: No Longer a High Myope!
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