From -5.5 diopters to -4.5 diopters improved, and all sorts of skeptical scrutiny.

It does pain an old eye guru to attribute any credibility to the mainstream lens sellers by having this whole category of “optometrist confirmed” 20/20 gains.  As if their opinion mattered, or as if their measurements were any better than your own.

But … perhaps look at it as despite-attempted-denial result, something even the propagators of myopia can’t deny.  Sow some doubt among the lens seller faithful.  

Here’s Rayann’s full e-mail:

Curious detail, isn’t it.

Like we keep suspecting, some optometrists definitely know what’s up.

“Hyperopic defocus”.  You can’t really go on Google Scholar and not be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of evidence of progressive myopia cause – if you know the right keywords to look for.

Nice gains, Rayann!