I really do fail to ever mention what is definitely one of our best community resources.  

So let me say it here:  We have a pretty fantastic forum.  All kinds of in depth discussion about vision related topics.  Once you log in there, it’s easy to get entirely consumed by reading threads and updates and being generally amazed at how much is being done with the resources from endmyopia.

But do you hear about the forum at all here, in the blog?

Of course you don’t.  Because as ever, uncle Jake is plain terrible at promoting things. 

Of course we have our Facebook group.  Which is awesome for checking in, quick questions, community input, a scroll through posts.

Entirely different from the Le Meow forum, which tends to be a lot more lengthly discussions, serious insights, getting a bit nerdy on all things eyesight and related.  It’s entirely worth being a part of, if you are working on getting back to your natural focal plane.

If you aren’t a member yet, try the join quiz: https://quizzes.endmyopia.org/le-quiz/