The post image gives this story away a bit, but let’s still bask in its glory for a moment.

Key part of the experience here, supportive optometrist.  Skeptical is good, supportive is great, acknowledging reality is ideal.  I recently started saving the optometrist confirmed reports into its own category, just to highlight to the industry that not everyone in it has to be an unquestioning little robot parrot.

If you are an optometrist you indeed can (and perhaps should) question the obviously dubious wisdom of “oh myopia must be genetic, dur-hur, buy these plastic lenses for it“.  

Question things, darlings.  We’re not the sadly deficient creatures this for profit industry wants us to believe we are.

Also here’s Rochelle’s full post:

You’re most welcome!

And since we’re already at it, let’s throw in a few extra.

Here’s Wayne from the other day in the Facebook group, and I remembered to save the post (which I so often forget to).  Seriously if you want a lot more improvement reports, the Facebook group is a good place – as is probably my e-mail which I often have to skim through and manage not to save quite a few of the great progress stories.

Sadly.  I try to post them since they do make my day (and might be motivating for you).  But here’s Wayne, anyway:

Those are quite some gains.

I’m writing this one just the day after Elon Musk launched the Falcon Heavy.

It made think of just how few of the extremely rich and successful guys out there actually do anything good for humanity.  Who else, besides Elon if you really think of it?  Jeff Bezos of Amazon is the richest of them all, and what’s he done for the world that gave him all that wealth?  Give us faster delivery on rampant consumerist products.  Yay.  That guy doesn’t even try to pretend to be involved in any philanthropy.  Or remember Steve Jobs, the guy everybody seems to want to bl*w, posthumously?  Huge asshole, done nothing for the planet or humanity with his influence besides iCrap – and interestingly he wouldn’t even let his kids use the iPads he sold to the rest of us.  He knew better than infest his family with screens.

What’s your point, Jake, you’re thinking.

My point is, we’re one short sighted species.  The ratio of selfish and short sighted to brilliant and inclusive has to be something around a zillion to one.

Here’s another progress report, from Yoan:

Love these e-mails!

I did have to hire an e-mail admin, just to not blow my brains out.

So much of my e-mails is plzz-bro-help-me stuff from guys too lazy to read.  Complaints that BackTo20/20 isn’t free (really they should complain that I only do 10 invites, which invariably are always all already taken).  If you took a cross section of my e-mail you’d come to the conclusion that most of humanity is made up of idiots, lazy assholes, and ingrate freeloaders.  

You’d shake your head and say hey Jake, ditch those two endmyopia hours and do a few extra trades, take another contract or two.  Make a few mil extra, buy yourself some nice toys, and f*ck trying to help anybody.

You’d say that and I’d nod and consider you a wise individual.  

But then there are Yoan, and Wayne, and Rochelle.  We can’t really give in and be buried under the mountain of stupid.  Yes the odds are maybe less than fantastic.  Maybe there’ll be an apocalypse and only those of us who don’t need glasses will be able to see well enough to survive.  We’ll start a tribe and find all the abandoned kitesurfing shops and ride all the nicest gear.  Beach with no crowds.  Maybe Jakey will start a guru ashram for cute runaway girls.  Or just maybe one day being able to see clearly will catch on as a thing we actually care about.

Hey look who’s in a great mood, today!

Go make some 20/20 gains.  Find yourself an outdoor hobby, surround yourself with interesting people, try to do something that doesn’t benefit just yourself.  It might feel fruitless at times, but all of it adds up to a possibly worthwhile experience.