Quick one today, kittehs.  No time for sarcasm, rants, pensive guru-beard stroking, or the low hanging fruit of making fun of retail optometry.

No, darlings.  Today it’s straight to the 20/20 gains.

Here’s Sander’s latest update from the BackTo20/20 support forum:

Hello Jake!

Though it is a late update, this one is major one.
It has been around 3 weeks that I have started wearing my new differential:

Right eye: -2,25, Cylinder: – 0.50, cylinder power: 8 degree.
Left eye: -2,50, Cylinder: – 0.25, cylinder power: 174 degree.

And using my old differential as my new normalized:

Right eye: -2.75, Cylinder: – 1.00, cylinder power: 8 degree.
Left eye: -3,00, Cylinder: – 0.75, cylinder power: 174 degree.

I started wearing these glasses while making sure that my habits stayed correct.
However, as I was moving to another place. In the chaos of moving, bad habits took over, little sleep and especially before going to sleep looking at my smartphone.
Directly after the movement, I noticed that my centimeters were free-falling: From 51 centimeters to 35 centimeters!
As a result of these bad results, I gave myself the mental slap to my face again and changed my habits to to good again.
This was also possible, as the whole process of moving was done. I got enough sleep, banned my phone near my bed and did as little close up work as possible.
Within several days the centimeters were back again in the normal range of 51 centimeters.

I continued the past weeks with spending little close up time and spending substantially more time outside in the sunny spring weather.
This, in combination with banning my smartphone from the bed has been paying off a lot!

My eyes have improved so much in the past 3 weeks from 51 centimeters to 88 centimeters combined today!

It is such an improvement that I enjoy walking around without glasses when it is sunny. I can still see a lot and I can even ride my bike safely without glasses! Even better, without glasses, I can just feel my eyes totally relax.

At the moment I am mainly using my new differential of

Right eye: -2,25, Cylinder: – 0.50, cylinder power: 8 degree.
Left eye: -2,50, Cylinder: – 0.25, cylinder power: 174 degree.

Also a normalized as I noticed that my current pair of normalized glasses is too strong, especially when it is sunny.

I will perform new measurements at the end of the week and then start thinking of ordering a new lower differential,
or maybe it will then even not be necessary anymore to wear a differential for close up.

A really big thank you Jake! Thank you for your help ? !



Whew.  Small changes, big difference.

Here’s the corresponding centimeter log:

Note that Sander was well primed to make these improvements, and not having that smartphone distance can make a big difference (to ciliary spasm).

Go forth, darling kittehs, make (and report) your 20/20 gains!