I’ve been meaning to post the following rather lengthy progress update from the BackTo20/20 support forum.

And since today a Jakey actually slept enough and kited his little heart out all day yesterday and also didn’t completely abuse the Vietnamese coffee so far, this is really just going to be an 20/20 gains update, and no epic rant.

Zut alors, Jake!

Here we go, Sander’s got updates:

Pretty good so far.

There are a lot of ways to do things.

This particular approach, perhaps lacking the glamorous mystery of various unicorn farming Internet ideas.  Also perhaps lacking the institutional authority of various fancy titles (although, last of the living eye gurus …).  This approach is simply about getting it done.

And that’s all, kittehs-folks.

Also that’s all, the header image for this post – checking in on the Facebook group and seeing multiple excellent 20/20 gains experiences in a row:

Gains on gains on gains.

Keep making the gains, sharing the gains, being awesome.