How’s that post title for a loaded question?

It’s actually a question from our darling Facebook group, one that warrants a repost here.  The truth is, I myself avoided optometrists for quite a while once I started improving my eyesight, since the largely disparaging attitudes caused me to feel anxious and frustrated.

But then that was before we knew all the things we know now.  Today I say, by all means.  Get data from every possible source, the more perspectives you have access to, the more complete of a picture you get.

Here’s the optometrist question, straight from FB:

Informed dissent.  ;)

Unlike back in the dark ages of me having to figure out myopia on my own, today you aren’t alone.

Now you are armed with a detailed log, you know how to measure centimeters, how to do your own eye chart work, how to use real-world landmarks to gauge improvements.  You can get your own test lens kits, you can get a structured program via BackTo20/20, including a large support forum.  You can join our Facebook group with well over a thousand other myopes being part of the conversation.

So yes, why not add the optometrist visits to the mix.  Here’s my comment on the FB thread:

Sagely bearded advices.

And with that, the truth is also that there are quite a few supportive optometrists.

We get stories with increasing frequency of excited optometrists, optometrists being helpful with measuring, optometrists asking to be part of our provider list.  So as much as I like to make it us-vs-them, in all reality you might have an interesting and surprising experience.

And of course, the more data, the better!

Housekeeping:  It’s been quite a while since the last blog post.   If you miss Jake missives when this happens, you can usually still find me making the occasional comment on our Facebook group, and (almost) every day in the BackTo20/20 support forum.  And if you’re wondering where a funky guru has disappeared to yet again, stalk the semi-secret Instagram.