The story today:  Ten year old girl reduces myopia from -1.50 diopters to -1.00 diopters, in just one single year.  And anyone can do this for their child.

A smart reader once pointed out that endmyopia isn’t alternative medicine, or a competitor to modern optometry.  Endmyopia is simply not about medicine.  Endmyopia is about science.  We look at studies, we conduct experiments, we test hypotheses, we measure, we record, we quantify results.  

We don’t advocate cures, we don’t proclaim to be dealing with illnesses, we don’t sell medicine.  Not our bag, baby.  

The handy thing about all of this is that we’re beholden to no-one.  No dogma, no group ideology, no governing boards, no sponsors, and no corporate pharma (or lens manufacturer) shareholders.  We just use what works, and discard what doesn’t.

Here’s what works:

No sane person would argue these results.

The truth is rarely popular.

Lyndal took responsibility.  Lyndal did her research, found potential solutions, and put them to the test.  She put in the hard work of wrangling a 10 year old to wear plus lenses, to maintain distance from screens, to go outside and play.  And Lyndal’s work paid off with some very impressive results.  

Lyndal’s route to deal with the myopia problem took lot more work than shrugging, digging out the credit card, paying for glasses for the child.  

To you as reader of endmyopia these stories might stir all sorts of emotion.  Betrayal by the mainstream.  Or enthusiasm for better answers.  And yet modern Western optometry is going to continue to win popular mindshare.  Optometry provides a simple, guilt-free, no-effort quick fix solution to the myopia problem.  Most people, even if confronted with the truth about myopia, will still take the glasses.   

But at least you have choices.   Your kids don’t have to deal with myopia.