There are two ways this all could go, kittehz.

One, Jake behaves hisself while writing this post.  No rants, no told-ya-so, no taking all the easy potshots at retail optometry and their mind bogglingly dumb idea of “genetic myopia”.


Or this could be yet another of the million exposes of an entire industry besieged by complete falsehoods, scientifically disproven claims, blind arrogance, and so much irony that even a most dignified eye guru couldn’t possibly catalog it all for you.

Before we see which way this will go, let’s see the actual post by Srinidhi:

Another magical genetic self repair.


Maybe we should just take the high road, for once.  Celebrate success without looking over our shoulders.


Best thing to do is keep improving.  Live the best version of you, forget the nonsense.  Recover your 20/20 eyeballs, go outside and see the world, find new ways to fill your days with happiness and adventure and fulfillment.  

There we go.  Great work, Srinidhi!


-Whew-Did-It-No-Rant, Jake