Let’s be baffled today, darlings.

Because as we all know, eyesight is genetic, myopia is genetic-er, and glasses are the holy scripture of mainstream retail optometry.

Bow before thine plastic lens gods, myopes!

Please do forgive the vacuous commentary on my part.  After years and years of posting hundreds of improvement reports, I’m thoroughly out of what-to-says.

So here’s Tess:

Could it just be … *gasp* … normal?

And there we have it.

I fully realize that we continue proposing complete and utter heresy.  

Imagining that the eye responds to stimulus, that Google Scholar returns tens of thousands of clinical references citing the mechanism involved.  And to think, that we could leverage this known aspect of biology?

People been burned at stakes for lesser crimes, darlings!

She gets it.

Looking at the inbox here and the volume of saved improvement reports from e-mails and messages and Facebook posts, I don’t know how we’ll ever get caught up.  Maybe I need to hire somebody just to post improvement reports.  Maybe make a separate site, just for the endless stream of them.

Or maybe some kind of phone app, where you can track progress and post your own improvement reports?

Madness, Jake!  Madness.

Keep making those 20/20 gains!