Welcome back, kittehs.

It’s the eye guru’s few days of enjoying the over crowdedness that is Hong Kong, soon to hopefully migrate to somewhere with cheap hotel rooms at least big enough to set up a tripod.  

Yes, videos are quite overdue.  

Before we get to Tom and his 20/20 gains all the way to the 20/13 gains, let’s have a small bit of digression.    A digression about haters and trolls and whatever happened to the West in a guru’s extended absence.  

Like this “journalist” wannabe, Mike-whoever-nobody:

mike denison who is an idiot

Look at that social media engagement!

People say Jake, don’t mind the haters.

But the haters are also key to endmyopia progressing.

Haters are like fertilizer.  Yes, so much like cow sh*t actually causing good things to grow.  Just like optometry arrogance fuels the guru amusement trolling their dubious practices, separating winner-kittehs from the likes of above becomes a worthwhile conquest.  

Limp noodles like Mike have the mindset of the real myopes.  The kind who are actually are well suited to wear glasses and tap-tap-tap cry about micro-aggressions on their keyboards.  

They love their handicaps.

Sadly so many of us got thrown into a pile with Mike, because nobody told us what causes myopia, why we’re wearing glasses, and most importantly, how to get rid of them.  Some of us aren’t meant to be handicapped by glasses.  That’s the tragedy that endmyopia is meant to address.

I want to help you get rid of the stupid plastic lenses.  Let Mike (standing in for all of his sort) keep his glasses and be a “journalist”.

Eeeeeew.  I have myopia.  I’m a victim.  Life is haaaaaard.

Too much?

Ok, fine.  Let’s get on with some serious 20/20 gains, from Tom:

There’s a guy not meant to be myopic.

You might notice that a guru beard may have strong feelings about guys like Mike.

Is it because Jakey used to be like Mike?  Awkward, limp wristed sort, the kind of person who’d go to gender equality rallies and discuss feminism in Starbucks, a grande soy latte in hand, with some purple haired thought crime cis gender justice warrior?  

(probably yes)

Yes, Jakey did get on the wrong track on Youtube the last few days, clearly.  Hopefully that’s not actually what is happening in the West right now.  Hopefully it’s just Youtube outliers.

Either way.  Not taking sides.  Purple hair, gender, it’s all the same with your favorite darling guru.

Society is a funny animal.  Group think.  Default cultural context.  Figuratively not being able to see anymore because they put enough things so close in front of us that we can no longer tell what’s real and what’s just another clickbait panic news scheme from some Amazon-owned “news”-paper.

Jake, you’re thinking.  You’re like two more sentences away from losing half of your audience.  Snap out of it.

Fine.  One more gains report:

Baby steps.  Also no more glasses for close-up.

And hopefully you aren’t offended by today’s digression.

Really, it’s just taking sides for effect.  All points of view are just points of view.  Humanity goes through countless ideas and mindsets and collective obsessions.  At various points entire countries and societies thought collectively it’d be cool to murder millions of other humans.  Yay.  Today we think it’s cool to torture and kill millions of animals kept in tiny cages and also wreck our entire and only planet, future generations clearly not our problem.  

Obviously we’ve got bigger problems than the clear plastic lenses that also make us blind.

I know, I know.  Abusing this blog with ideas entirely not related to physical human eyeball myopia.  Ranting just to rant.  Sounding like a crazed hippie who can’t find any of his weed.  

One more pretty strong improvement report then, just so that you don’t delete endmyopia from your bookmarks:

There.  Gains aplenty.

Let’s stop here with the rants, before some extra extremist hippies come and kidnap Jakey and force a guru to live in a no-electicity, heavily armed, off grid vegan commune somewhere.

Make some 20/20 gains.