It takes time to get all the way back to 20/20.

Also, you little sloppy dirty hippy heathens, the blog image is very clearly not photoshopped.  Sergeant Warbeard Jake WILL NOT TOLERATE BACKTALK FROM YOU MEOW-SERS!  SIR YES SIR!

Oh shut it Jake, you’re thinking.

Either way.  20/20 done the right way takes time.  More time than having your corneas butchered by lasers, more time than popping in some contact lenses.  Though less time than doing eye exercises (for which the time to get back to 20/20 is never), or popping eye vitamins (expect those results to come in 20-never).  

And there’s no eye steroids, so you’re basically stuck with all kinds of imaginary facial whiskers (and whispers), telling you to put in the work to get 20/20 gains you actually earn.

Yes, you knew this.

Here’s Usman, probably way ahead of you in the gains department:

Usman, Head Of The Department of GAINS.

Don’t hate.  You’ll get there, too.

This one is especially worth reading for the darling kittehs who are in last diopter territory.  You must persist to get the last gains.  There’s no questioning, no second guessing, no doubting.  Stimulus, stimulus, more stimulus.