Kellee posts in the forum:

Thanks for sharing this! I’ve noticed something similar with my measurements and I’ve been worried I’m not doing it right. They’ve been pretty consistent though. My worst measurement actually occurred during a time when I was feeling really stressed out, so that emotional component makes a lot of sense. It’d be interesting to discover more about the emotions behind eye sight. Since I started this program, I actually became cognizant of a feeling (that must have been unconscious for awhile) I have nagging at me that fixing my myopia wont mean anything in the long run and will do little to improve my life. Objectively, that’s a total lie and I’ve always dreamed about the day I can ditch the glasses and see clearly without them. So why is my brain stuck in a loop of going back to that thought of “why bother, who cares?” I’m not sure, but I’m glad I was able to take note of it and I plan to start a list of all of the little day to day ways that I would benefit from seeing 20/20 without glasses. That’s just me, though.

I’m also expecting slower progress, because, like you, I’ve been doing some of the “right” things for awhile. Not consistently enough to make a real difference though. I think the big thing is that I am starting to feel the eye strain when I read too long. I also notice how my eyes respond to natural vs. artificial light. My theory is that people who wear their overprescribed glasses or contacts all day, every day, and update their prescriptions annually at the optometrist probably see the quickest results right away after starting this program since they’ve all of a sudden quit most of the bad eye habits.

That inner voice in your head, can’t be trusted.

This being off-topic Sunday, let’s get a little weird.  Here’s what I think about the little voice:

There’s the actually you, and then there’s a separate voice that talks to you.  It’s usually not necessarily very positive, for a lot of people.  “That guy is an asshole.  Oh look, how full of himself.  And why’s she driving a Prius?  Yoga pants!  Oh,  puhhhleze.  I know you don’t do yoga, girl!”

Ok so maybe you don’t have that voice.

But how about this one:  “I think the gym closes early tonight.  Oh, what’s one single cookie gonna hurt.  Beer is mostly water!”

Am I going to tell you who that voice is?  No I’m not.  Not my place.

But you know, that voice is the root of all of your fears, failures, regrets, lack of action, all the things that resonate in lost youth and innocence and having fun, enjoying life.  I specifically talk about that voice in one of the e-mails in the e-mail series.  That same voice tells you that improving your eyesight is probably impossible (oh what a scam, that Jake guy .. probably wears Yoga pants, too).  And if it’s not impossible, then anyway, why bother?  The glasses work fine!  Eyes, fine!  Everything, fine!  Btw, did you know that beer is mostly water?

I too, have that voice.

Every day, it tells me.  Jake.  Last thing you need, is this headache of a project.  Go buy a boat.  Sit on it, with a chilled beverage, somewhere off the coast of Greece.  Bring your favorite friends, have a party, never ever think about this eyesight nonsense.  Do it, Jake.  Do it or you’ll regret it every single day that you’re too old to sail boats and party.

Every time I post something here.  Jake.  Idiot.  Nobody cares.  All you’re doing is feeding trolls.  You know as well as I that not one single person in the whole world actually cares about their eyes.

I’m going to tell you that I don’t ever listen to the voice.  It very routinely wins when it comes to the video topic.  It wins when journalists ask me to write about me.  It’s been winning about the gym closing early.

Listen all ya’ll, its a sabotage.  – Beastie Boys

Whenever you hear that crap talk, acknowledge it’s there.  And then ignore it, as much as possible.

Celebrate little victories.  Yes, you will enjoy better eyesight.