Video time!

Last day in Vietnam, high speed Internet abounds, and your favorite eye guru has been carrying around all the video gear for two months now. It’s clearly high time we got together for a little chat that’s not just a text blog Website entry thing.

So this time let’s cover why I don’t trust optometrist measurements. Or rather, how they approach the concept of “distance to blur” from the opposite end than recommended by your favorite Holiness, His Guru Von Jaken-shanti.

Short version: They measure for maximum possible diopters, while we measure for minimum / actually useful diopters.

Without getting into the defeatist mentality of permanently symptom treating a refractive state, let’s just look at the fallacy of maximum diopter exposure and all the things about lacking transparency and cooperation:

This is clearly what sage wisdom looks like.

Before you get into the video, yes I’m aware that some accuse the beard of rambling on too long. But this is how I like to involve you in the thought process and expand on ideas and keep things informal and non-scripted (and sometimes only vaguely to the point).

Hopefully this helps if you’re seeing improvements and yet the optometrist still keeps telling you that your eyes will forever suck. Learn to make the distinction between measurement ‘styles’ – and possibly explore local resources that give you transparency and a supportive approach.