Glasses are a very simple, cheap, and immediate fix to your nearsightedness.

Go to the optometrist, get measured, pick a pair of frames, wait an hour, your nearsightedness is sorted.  You just put them on, the problem goes away.

But what is actually happening there?

And perhaps more importantly, why is it that once you get that quick fix, that your eyes start getting ‘worse and worse’?

Here’s a 4 minute, definitive explainer of what goes on, and why those quick-fix glasses end up being a very expensive deal with the devil (for your eyes), in the long run:

Always understand causality of a problem, before attempting to remedy it.

Always realize that every intervention comes with a cost.  Always remember that anyone who refuses to explain causes before selling you a treatment, is likely not going to be able to educate you about what you’re getting yourself into.