Hello there, Twitter.  You got me all used to feeling angry, or anxious, and usually bewildered by my fellow humans, whenever I let you tell me what I should read today.

Which is odd since it’s just an account related to natural myopia control.

Is it odd, or perhaps … ironic?

Either way.  We started our Twitter account because or then-social media expert said we needed it.  We followed her advice on Twitter things and follower things.  The account grew, she was getting paid, it was just another one of the many lets-try-and-test-everythings that are part of the project.  

It turns out though that whatever was going on there, wasn’t producing any dialog.  Or engagement.  Or whatever metric to make me feel like it’s worth investing time in Twitter.  I have a vague feeling that we got scheemed, by the “social media expert”.  

Par for the course, mostly what I’ve come to expect from the genre.  But then, Twitter.  What’s with all. that. hate?

I don’t honestly have any interest in knowing the least bit about the US-particular angst young people seem to experience about the opposite sex.  It appears less than productive to project that angst, which for whatever fu**ed-up reason Twitter insists on putting in my “recommended feed”.

Don’t want to hear it.  Same is true for all what looks to me like hate for the democratic process over there in the USA.  I keep clicking “show me less of this” and Twitter keeps showing me more.

So long story short, because 1) not useful to chat with fellow myopes and 2) because hate tweets, we’re taking a break from the Twitter.

Our Facbook group on the other hand, seems to be interesting and productive.  Hang out with us there!