Zoe: “I’m 20/20, Optometrist Still Tried To Sell Me Glasses”

Another day, another deluge of improvement reports. Mostly it's a deluge because uncle Jake only posts these once every third solar eclipse, and[...]

Jake Steiner

Sep 23,2019 · 3 min read

Another day, another deluge of improvement reports.

Mostly it’s a deluge because uncle Jake only posts these once every third solar eclipse, and because many days it just feels like … ohhh what’s the point anyway.

Zoe-Lee: 20/20 But Need Glasses?!

Well, let’s see if we can find a point …

Uhm ….

I guess one possible point, you’re going to get jacked by that optometrist.  

And no, of course not.  Nobody is saying that every. single. one of them is going to sell you a “prescription”, no matter how good your actual eyesight is.  Not even saying that Google Scholar has literally 50.000+ search results for clinical study references to lens induced myopia.  Or that the lens sellers pimping those artificial focal planes will pretend as though the overwhelming body of research neither exists, nor points at their so-called treatment as the actual cause.

None of that.  Because that’d be heretical.

Iroda: Son From -2.75 To -1.00

And then there’s this ….

How DARE they.  

This, this is heresy.  

And yea, they should be scared of going to the optometrist.  You don’t just go out and do what’s best for your kid, and make your own choices about clear curved pieces of plastic.  

It’s just not how it’s done.

John:  Son’s Myopia Cut In Half

And this:

People just won’t listen.

I know what you’re thinking.  It’s getting old Jake, with the theatrics.

But if we stop laughing at it all, then what’s left?  Staring at all the obvious facts about a global, lying, thieving, science-denying 100 billion dollar industry that’s deceiving us into letting our children loose their distance vision?  

That’s pretty dark.  Better to just keep up the sarcasm.

Omer: -2.50 To -1.25

Here we go.

Focus on the positive.

Ignore all the crap, realize that I’m just trying to get you fired up, to get you to take action.

They don’t matter.  All that matters is that you make the most out of your limited time here on the little blue ball.  Stay out of the traps of fast food and pill popping and symptom managing and buying subscriptions to your eyesight.

The fix is simple, as is often the case.  Less of the bad stuff.

Getting From -3.25 Down To -2.00

One more:

We get a lot of these.

The stories are so often the same.  They get you when you’re young, nobody tells you it’s just a ciliary spasm, NITM, pseudo-myopia.  

Because who’d make money off that.

Anyhow.  You know the drill.  Eyes respond to stimulus.  Tens of thousands of people have figured this out, the science is clear, and you obviously have a choice when it comes to your eyesight.

Just go out there, make some of those deliciously awesome 20/20 gains.

– Jake


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