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Time to talk 20/20 gains!

Jake Steiner

Mar 18,2021 · 1 min read

Your very, very old eye guru definitely has gotten out of the habit of posting improvement reports here.

Of course we have a great many of them already, and the occasional podcast episode.  Since this is basically a one-beardly-man show, always a process of balancing what I’m working on for you.  Right now and for a while now largely distracted by this iPhone app, and some new Daily Beards even, as well as appearing as guest on more podcasts.

Still and always working on all the things, just been slacking off on 20/20 gains posts.

So there’s all that.  And let’s put up some updates:  

Tons more of all of this in our Facebook group.

And a bonus one from today’s e-mails:

Lots of fellow darlings out there, making all the 20/20 gains.  And I love when you take the time to share yours, whether that’s a post in the Facebook group, or over in our forum, or by just sending me a quick e-mail.  I read all of them!




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