I’m getting to be a bit enamored by the video bits.

Though it’s far more work and writing a blog post.  And it takes endless hours to encode and upload something.  And then it still sucks.  Nevertheless, if you want my 20/50 rule to improve your eyesight, you must suffer through it.  ;-)

[iframe width=”640″ height=”360″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/LI9JphYXQ6A?rel=0″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen]


The short version of the 20/50 Rule

If you understandably prefer not to watch my face talk, here is the quick written version:

20/50 is the ideal normalized prescription.

It’s not the ideal *first* normalized prescription.  That’s more like 20/30.  It’s ideal after you have lots of good habits, active focus on auto pilot, and want a correction that gives you the maximum benefits at all focal distances.  (except for close-up)

Here’s how:

You want to measure yourself up for a 20/50, in natural light but indoors.

A little focus pulling, not the easiest 20/50, is what you want.

With this setup you have an indoor friendly sized diopter bubble, as well as a larger, outdoor sized diopter bubble.  All in one pair of glasses.

For more details, check out the video explanation.  

And then there is part II, more hands-on outdoor focus.


– Jake

And also … smitten by video, truly.  Watching the most popular YouTube solo video makers, dissecting techniques, what makes one style more interesting than another.  It’s hard to resist trying it all out.

One guy who I particularly feel inspired by, says video blog every day.  Takes a long time to get good at video, do it every day.  

Which isn’t how much time I plan on allocating to what’s essentially a side interest hobby.  And yet, we might see some more personal videos, over on the YouTube bits only.  I won’t post those here but if you’re curious about more of the Jake-guru backstory, you might possibly find some of that at the Tubes, before long.