Child myopia?  It’s not a thing!

There’s literally no good reason to let your children become profit centers for mainstream optometry.   Literally none, unless you don’t feel like doing the annoying you-know-what thing – actual parenting.

And as a darling eye guru is discovering having a 2 year old now, actual parenting indeed is a giant pain.

Having a large extended family and lots of frequent visitors, some days it feels that all I do is swat away phone screens that they let my little boy play with.  It’s thankless and everybody thinks I’m a terrible tyrant.  The boy screams, everybody looks at me with that oh-that-crazy-Jake-again face.

And that’s all before I even start taking away candy from him.

Amanda knows.  She shares all the fun with parenting in her FB thread, now with the added task of getting her daughter out of nearsightedness.

Fortunately this turns out to be entirely worth the effort:

Like magic.

As you often hear the old eye guru grumble, the modern world is still full of dangers.

From processed foods, to all the ‘social’ media, ever present advertising bombardments, so-called doctors ‘prescribing’ all sort of pills like they’re actual candy.  And screens, darling kittehs.  Screens are the bane of our existence, pushing us into passive, nearsighted drool-faced endless consumption of pointless content.

Of course this is how you either sound old, or just like another fringe hippie.  

Yea yea Jakey old man, screens are bad for us, we get it.

Fine line, Jake.  Fine line.

There is a world outside though, really.  

Before we melt all the ice and have to live in mall-caves behind 3D virtual glasses, one might entirely recommend putting down that screen once in a while, actually getting outside, enjoying a bit of un-processed life.  Even if just to set an example for the kids, helping them find something actually worthwhile to do and enjoy, and with that perhaps not become the next generation of squinty, half-blind screen rodents.