‘Ello, kittehz.

This, just a reminder post that there are new videos in our Tubes.

Mainly one that you probably want to review, is this one on bad close-up habits.  Because we all have them (yes even thine holy guru).  Thing is lots of people don’t realize they do it, and then they think they do everything ‘else’ right, and then they come complaining to me that their eyesight isn’t improvement.

But I tell you what.  They do this thing.

The thing we all do.  Cheating on our blur horizon distance.  Leaning in.  Creeping up on that there screen.

You want to recognize this, and then work on a habit to stop doing it.

Le video:

What’s bad, is this face.  Bad face, Jake.

You’re welcome.

Note that I’ve been a bit more focused on video as a medium, over blog posts.  Times feel shifting and I’m finding myself consuming more visual media, and just gravitating towards turning on the camera when I’m trying to explain something.

Which of course I realize is doing nobody any favors.  With that face.