Everybody is chasing the big gains.

We want the big money fast, we want the big gains fast, we want everything, and we want it NOW.

Also the case for 20/20 gains, especially when your favorite darling guru posts updates from participants that include massive diopter reductions.  Yes, it’s a bit my fault for stoking the fire of 20/20 gains greed.  And while the initial gains are fantastic for motivation and really getting into getting your eyes back, there’s more to gains than just numbers.

Here’s a video explaining the difference between big diopter reductions (especially early on) and the small reductions that you may be experiencing later in the process.

It’s important to understand what each type of diopter change means and how to interpret its benefits:

From the Holy Offices of Meow.

The more you understand the process, the more you’re likely to enjoy it.

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