… repost from endmyopia Facebook thread:

You might one day find yourself creating myopia myth-busting related content. Random posts. Or even better, quick videos. Right now reading this you might think, nah Jake. Never will happen. 

Don’t be so sure, though … it sneaks up on you. 

You see that upload button on your Facebook phone app, you had a glass of wine already, you find yourself pointing the phone camera at your face. Recording your opinions and ideas and experiences. Saying, hey nerds. Question the sales tactics, ask yourself what part of a piece of curved plastic is supposed to be ‘prescriptions’ and ‘medical treatments’.

Upload, and bam. You just said it out loud, no thanks nerd goggles. 

And if you do, people will ask you questions. And likely argue various ideas. That right there is the tricky part.

Before you jump into that possible quicksand of debates, learn how to tell two seemingly similar but actual very different types apart – the skeptic and the hater. 

Save a lot of your energy (and sanity), and hopefully continue to be able to enjoy sharing! It’s addictive and fun to talk about your discoveries and victories and ideas – in particular if you find a balance of sharing while filtering out the nay sayers and whiny crybabies, and energy vampire types. 

Here, the  take on the subject of skeptics vs. haters:

Turn up the yikes.

“Show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are”.  Who said that?

Side notes:  I’m growing all sorts of appreciation (and face fur) for the many darling kittehs expressing experiences and feedback not only in e-mails but also in our Facebook shed of heretic ideas.  A lot of smart and interesting people-digital-friends I’d otherwise never would have met or gotten shared insights from, which I’m at least vaguely grateful for. 

Whatever.  Hopefully *you* are enjoying access to the like-minded individuals, and expanding your horizons and reduced-diopter distances.   Drop a comment, hit video upload on your phone’s Facebook (or Youtube app), make all the things that much better with your very own insights.