Oh kittehs.  Special treat for you, today!

Neil Strauss, John Gray, Wim Hof, and about a hundred other mold breaking luminaries of our time have something interesting in common.  What, might you wonder?

They’ve all been guests on Daniel Vitalis wildly popular podcast, “Rewild Yourself“.  Think about this: A podcast which features Neil Strauss *and* Wim Hof!  How much more intriguing can the range get? You just know it has to be fascinating to listen to the host pick their brains.  And now finally, Daniel’s illustrious list of guests also counts the one and only eye guru, your darling friend Jake Steiner.  

It’s just over a glorious hour long, we talk all about myopia and eyesight and modern life, and Daniel shows exactly why he gets the best guests on his podcast.  

Head over, have a listen (and then check out some of the other episodes as well, real gems there):

daniel-vitalis-rewild-jake-steiner-linkThe Jake Steiner Interview

This might also be a share-worthy way to introduce natural myopia control to others.  “Hey this seems interesting”, without being pushy about vision health.  ;)

Housekeeping:  Growing backlog of blog topics.  Despina wrote an article that’s sitting in the queue waiting to be published, I’ve got a dozen e-mails I want to show you, I’ve been back on updating BackTo20/20 sessions, and getting more short stories uploaded on YouTube.

For now just enjoy the podcast, I’ll also put it over on our unadvertised Facebook page (here’s the link) for easy re-sharing.