Uncle Jake’s desktop is completely full of student gains reports screenshots.  If I stick them in a folder again, same thing will happen as always … I’ll never remember to try to post them all.

Yes all these 20/20 gains are a problem entirely unique to our holy temples of Meow.  Since we dare to consider vision biology and stimulus, we’re getting these unusual results of reducing myopia.  Who’d have thought.

On to the point:

Well then.

Here we go.

One off the list.  It was most in need of posting since myopic children is my least favorite of all the schemes of retail optometry.

Let’s throw in one more for good measure:

A full diopter.  Praise be to the beard.

Now we’re on a roll.

Let’s also put Alex starting gains in this one:

Good start.

And how about Jonathan:

Gains as far as the eye can see.

And maybe Stefan, also:

Shots fired.

Yup, most of these are just from yesterday.

No exaggeration, the guru inbox gets so many 20/20 gains reports, it should set the entirety of modern optometry on fire.  There are countless people here reversing their myopia, all over the world.  Game changer.  In all the news.  Major universities including actual vision biology and stimulus potential in their course curriculum.  Optometry boards issuing advisories on updated procedures on myopia management.  Momentous statues of Jake and his beard, in the center of campuses and in town squares.  Endmyopia getting religion tax exempt status.

All right, fine.  None of that.  Ole Jakey is just another rambling Internet heretic, claiming the earth isn’t flat, nor the center of the universe.

Silly, silly old man.

Hey.  Go make some 20/20 gains!