We get a ton of e-mail from readers wanting to get into the BackTo20/20 program, but having missed the invite (yes, it’s not a marketing ploy after all).  Or lacking funds.  Or otherwise not meeting one of the other detail requirements.

I always respond to this the same way:

Everything you need, is here on the site (and free).  

Actually I say this many times in the free e-mail guide, it’s one of the top links on every page of the site, and many people take advantage of this cost-free way to get their distance vision back in order.

Of course the BackTo20/20 way of having a structured approach is nice.  Of course, direct one-on-one support from the old guruface is nice.  Nice, but not strictly necessary.  You can make the gains either way.  

Here is another progress report, from the darling Facebook group:

Well done.

A sagely written compendium of how-to guides, a wonderfully supportive international group of darling participants, everything is here to help you get your eyes back to 20/20!