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Update Note:  Since the original post many years ago, we stopped using the term ‘prescriptions’ for the most part.  Glasses are clear curved pieces of plastic and can generally be bought in lots of outlets without the need for medical device type of approvals.  

‘Subscriptions’ may be a more accurate term for the lens selling industry practices.  

The reduced correction you use exclusively for close-up, instead of the distance diopters sold by the optometrist.

Mainstream optometry’s single diopter paradigm is in no small part responsible for today’s global trend towards progressive myopia, due to the lens-induced stimulus the high correction tends to create.


Recognizing the detrimental impact of wearing a lens intended for distance vision during close-up, allows us to reduce the risk of progressive myopia.

Choosing the correct diopters for close-up should be entrusted to a behavioral optometrist.

If such a resource isn’t available, one might venture out to find their own correct close-up prescription.

I don’t specifically recommend this.

Whenever we talk about prescriptions here on the site, the discussions are merely philosophical. No medical advice, no prescription advice, no optometrist advice, ever.

The rules and laws in many locales limit the authority of who can tell you what to put in front of your eyes.  Ironically, you yourself may be prohibited to make your own prescription choices.

Here, some articles  for those who want to learn more about differential glasses:














Lots of reading!  :-)

Of course the easiest way is to get a BackTo20/20 membership, and follow the step-by-step process.

If you don’t have that access though, there’s lots here on the blog to help you get started.  And remember, a behavioral optometrist, or any optometrist willing to work with lower prescriptions, is a treasure to appreciate dearly.

Here also, new Q&A discussing a differential prescription question from the forum:


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