Here’s a quick video lesson on whether you need a test lens kit.

Note that this is based on many years of experience, which isn’t easy to whittle down into a couple minutes of video.

(Especially when you deal with the sort of majestical guru who doesn’t script or plan his videos.)

And as usual, don’t go monkeying around with stuff unless you know what you’re doing.  I get comments on videos from people who can’t grasp basic math or even more basic optics concepts, or just generally geniuses who don’t think a little self education could be wise before changing glasses.

Apparently main stream optometry has a bit of a point, making their message fit the lowest common denominator.

If above doesn’t apply to you (and if you read here, it likely doesn’t), then by all means do explore whether you actually need a test lens kit.

Eye searingly sharp video.

Like that video quality?

Jake the Gear Nerd got tempted into the lastest pointless piece of kit from Canon.  I figured if I can torture you with my face, might as well add as much high definition to that experience as possible.  That and it seems more and more people want to watch video and less and less people want to read.

Soon reading is going to be like cave painting.  A hobby for tottery relics.  

Whatever.  Go make some 20/20 gains.  And if you’re excited about them, maybe shoot a quick video about your progress.