If you follow this blog, you will undoubtedly have noticed the frequent repetition of the very simple concepts of reducing eye strain.

This is so fundamental, so easy to follow, and even without any kind of eye exercise (beyond pushing focus) you may notice significant improvements, quite quickly. If you add to this some careful prescription management, and define permanent habits, your eyesight improvements will become permanent – and can continue to improve, with just a bit of effort.

A case in point, Matthew, a recent participant in the program:

Unbelievable progress update!

I just did my first Snellen in about a month and with the evening sunlight illuminating the Snellen chart from 20ft, I was able to make out ALL the letters on the 20/30 row while squinting without ANY glasses! A month ago, I couldn’t even see a clear ‘E’ on the 20/200 line.

I did however notice that my vision indoors is still not very good today in Costco (a grocery warehouse here in the States), but still, it’s only been a month since I started. This is very exciting!

That is verbatim, unedited, unscripted, direct from the forum. This is a normal progression, for a lot of myopia sufferers, when using the #endmyopia Method.

The whole thread of above quote is here:  http://www.frauenfeldclinic.com/myopia-forums/topic/differential-prescription-2/

As I mention on occasion, this is the type of progress you can make, with all the content available entirely for free in the forum, and the blog section. The Vision Improvement Course merely formats the process into a bit more of an easy step-by-step format. In exchange for easy of use, I am glad to accept your contribution to help me continue to build this resource.