Is it worth paying for BackTo20/20?

Posting this one as a quick article summary since it comes up in e-mail inquiries frequently, and this way I can just copy-pasta the link to this page from now on.

I have also answered this question in various forms on the site, see this free-stuff-works for example.

Short answer, I put everything, and I mean everything into the free guides / blog.  Lots of reasons for this, some of which are:

  1. I limit BackTo20/20 invites to just a few month, because invite = personal support from me.  I enjoy my free time and limited time on this earth more than money.  BackTo20/20 is the inner sanctum, the place where you can get access to me directly.  I’m an introvert and I live in cheap countries.  Nuff said.  
  2. I believe in giving away a ton of value.  Pay it forward.  Make the world a little bitter through your existence, not a little worse.  If not for any other reason that it feels good, and you can look anybody straight in the eyes and feel proud of what you’re doing with your life.
  3. It sucked getting answers, when I was trying to improve my own eyesight.  I’m not holding the answers I found for ransom.  Sure you have to do some reading and digging and I probably won’t answer your diopter e-mail questions, but the answers are there.  The rest is really up to you.
  4. The free guides are a notable incentive for prospective students to spend some cash for BackTo20/20.  The free stuff is a big selling point for just how awesome your eye guru is.  OMG, really?  Looks like a simple man guru type.  The long beard, a monk-like sheet for clothes, an old branch for a walking stick.  But actually he’s stacking all the paper, writing blog posts from a champagne filled hot tub full of girls?   Possible!  Just watch the videos, look for the twinkle of evil capitalist in those eyes.

Either way.

Here’s a Facebook thread that sums it up nicely, and also shows the ratio of free vs. paid, and that both ways really do work:


Love all the FB group kittehs.

There you have it.

Pick your reasons and which way you prefer to go about getting your eyeballs back.  Either way you will benefit and make those 20/20 gains, thanks largely to the amazing, kind, and generous support from everyone participating!