Jake, I hate reducing normalized!  The blur sucks!  It’s like starting all over again every. single. time!

I’ve been getting this a lot, for years, and every time I offer the same age-old eye guru trick to make the normalized transitions way more fun and easy for you.  Because of course there is a trick, once you realize that everything is about baseline and expectations, this one will make perfect sense.

And because Jake is borderline retarded, it seems like he never bothered to just write this sage wisdom down here in the blog – so you could just find it without hoping I’ll remember to tell you as well.

So let’s do it now, document the trick.  Here’s the scenario:

Suck it up, Wayne.

You know back when I was your age, the guru school was under 2 feet of snow, and 40 miles uphill.  Each way.

Your Biology Adapts To Minus

So here’s something you already know:  Whenever you put on higher minus correction, your un corrected (or lower diopter) vision quickly becomes more blurry.  Your biology goes, ah yea ok.  More negative refractive state.  Swell.  And your visual cortex thinks, nice additional sharpness.  I could get used to this.

What about the opposite direction, less minus?

This of course looks worse.  Less clear, more blur, more suckiness.  And that’s the stage you set, if you go from more diopters, to less diopters.

So here’s the guru trick:  DON’T.

That explains it.

An eye guru of yore would just drop the mic here.

Most wisdom relates best when you have to make some effort to discover its meaning.  You have to look at various Buddhist writings and ponder them.  Put them in perspective, mull over them, find the meaning yourself.

But alas we don’t live in those fun old-timey times.  So for real this time, here’s what you do:

The Zero Diopter Reset

Zero focal plane correction, that is.  Like this:

Made you read!

Make sense?

If you come from your old normalized, with more minus, every bit of your biology will be entirely disappointed by the new, lower correction.

Setting the wrong expectations, always the issue.

So come from the opposite direction.  Remind the biology that the real story is no help from lenses.  Drop the usual habits for a day, and add a bit of a blur shock reality to your day.  Yea it’s not so easy now, without a snowmobile, the 40 miles uphill, is it.  Make your visual cortex go through the experience, help yourself forget the more minus diopters.  Suffer (because Buddhism says – or maybe just to make some minus feel that much better).

Also how to properly stroke a beard.

Then when you’re well and proper sick of blur (and sick of it some more, and wait for it, some more), then do your familiar outdoor walk with the new normalized.  Do it before it gets dark.  Nice daylight, familiar walk, feel the awesomeness of the help of those diopters.

Now you have yourself on the right path, setting yourself up to appreciate putting on those glasses.  Don’t put them on till you’re really ready to appreciate them (something than could and should be said for many things in life).

And there you go.  Expectation is everything.

Also and lastly here is the video-post-version of this whole zero diopter explainer business.

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