So we already had the detailed discussion about how to reduce your normalized diopters.

Of course what you were missing is having all this sagey goodness in video format.  Because what would key concepts be without bad lighting and crappy audio volumes and some nice background echo.  Since eye gurus aim to please, we do have all of this available for you.

In case you wonder about audio, I honestly can’t figure it out.  You ever have random things in your life that just keep you stumped?  Things you can’t be bothered with?

Your favorite guru bought lavalier microphones, shotgun microphones, and dedicated fancy audio recording thingies including microphones, costing a pile of hundreds of dollars each.  Legitimate licenses of Final Cut Pro, watching audio tutorials and messing around with mountains of settings.  For whatever unknown and beard-forsaken reason, I can’t seem to make nice, crisp, consistent audio happen.  Yes every other Youtuber has it figured out, except an old mountain guy with shaky fingers and no sense for technology.

It’s pathetic and ridiculous, I know.  Totally with you.

Zero Diopter Reset Video

Here we go, video version of the zero-diopter-reset before you go for new normalized:

The beard rears it’s scruffy head.

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