Adding to our podcast show appearance list today, HPO – Human Performance Outliers, by Dr. Shawn Baker.

Shawn’s resume is quite the lengthy and accomplished thing (notably very much unlike your favorite uncle Jake’s).  

Some highlights:

➟ Chief Of Orthopedics Kirtland Air Force Base
➟ Chief Of Orthopedics Luke Air Force Base
Chief Of Orthopedic Trauma – Bagram Air Base, Afghanistan 2007 – 600 Surgeries
➟ Lead Surgeon Of 12 Provider Orthopaedic Surgical Group Private Practice Until 2016
➟ Nuclear Weapons Launch Officer USAF X 5 Years
➟ American Record Deadlift 772lbs (350kg) Natural Association Of Strength Athletes (pure Division – Lifetime Drug Free Class) 2000
➟ Sub-master World Record Deadlift 738lbs World Association Of Benchpress AndDeadlift
➟ Masters American Record Deadlift (40+ Category) 711lb USA Powerlifting 2007

There are about four hundred more equally impressive bullet points, feel free to check out the full list over at Shawn’s own site.

He was also a guest on Joe Rogan’s podcast a while back (episode here), discussing ideas about a carnivorous diet’s benefit for humans.  Interesting stuff and well worth a bit of exploring.

And now of course, the peak of the man’s accomplishments, an interview with the sole remaining and very much mystical eye guru himself.  The Jake VonJakensteen.   You can find this episode of the podcast here.  Or on iTunes HPO podcast, or over on the YouTubes.

It was a good chat and it’s been a while since the last one of these – that one on Daniel Vitalis’ ReWild Yourself podcast.

Good stuff!

If you have your own favorite podcasts (or communities) that you would like to have endmyopia featured on, just drop me a quick note via e-mail.  I do usually struggle with being a total recluse, having not the most reliable Internet connections, and being in weird jungle time zones – but always happy to make all that work around good chats with interesting peoples.

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Onward with the 20/20 gains, and sharing more truth with fellow darling myopes.