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I keep saying this in e-mails, blog posts, and even on the sales page of the paid program: You Don’t Need To Pay Me, To Improve Your Eyesight. Today I finally decided that this bit […]

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Feb 04,2014 · 7 min read

I keep saying this in e-mails, blog posts, and even on the sales page of the paid program:

You Don’t Need To Pay Me, To Improve Your Eyesight.

Today I finally decided that this bit of information needs to be one of the main links on the site, to make sure the message makes it to the most readers possible.

Let’s look at how you can get everything you need, without having to pay:

1.  The Free Mini Course


This one is a small exchange – you leave me your e-mail address, and I send you the four key installments that are the core of all of the #endmyopia Method for eyesight improvement.

There is no catch there, no up-sell, no cliff hanger ideas leaving you having to pay for a course.

Yes, it is a compromise.  Yes, the paid course may still be worth your money.  But it’s not the only option.  Everything about this site is to give you lots of choices, on how you want to manage your eyesight, and how you want to contribute to the survival of this project.

So first things first, use the newsletter sign-up to get the free mini course.  It is well worth it.

** UPDATE **  The free mini course is no longer available.  It was so successful that it had many participants opt to not take the full course.   This left me in a difficult position since they all still needed to have support, questions answered, but not enough financial support to keep things going.  I spent as many as 4-5 hours most days, answering questions from the course!  The mini course also doesn’t include all the advanced subjects, which are very helpful once you reach a stage where you see double vision, rathe than just blur at a distance.  

I would love to provide everything for free, and would – if it didn’t take up most of my days to answer questions.  There is still the blog and forum, to help you with your eyesight, and of course the always excellent full program (now also at very attractive prices).  I much appreciate your support of this program!

The new free course covers all aspects of prevention – how to stop from getting myopic, and how to stop your eyes from getting worse.  It should be a reasonable compromise, covering important aspects of your eyesight health, while hopefully reducing the volume of questions.

More details, here.

2.  The Blog


My goal is always to write something helpful, inspirational, interesting, or otherwise related to your eyesight, every day.

In reality though, it is more like 2-4 times per week, that you get new articles in the blog.

If you read all of the blog, along with following the four free mini course installments, you have so very much to work with.  Rehabilitating your eyesight is not complicated.  It is just four basic core concepts.  Staying motivated, and getting more specifics, just checking in a few times a week and reading the blog will give you all you need.

And think about this … I am working for free, for you.  If you don’t want to pay for the course, you don’t have to.  Regardless of your circumstance, without a required subscription, these articles are here for you.

Unlike online media outlets, I have no sponsored advertising to support the blog.  I don’t sell “eye vitamins“. 

The blog is just purely, 100%, free relevant eye health content for you.

Granted, I point towards the paid program.  I get a lot of e-mails asking for specific support, how-tos, guidance.  The trade for getting me on a regular basis to answer questions, is the paid program.  It’s only fair – I can write an article once that can be read for many years, by thousands of people.  The net cost to the community of my time is small.  But for specific support, my response may only benefit you – the cost to the community there is quite large (instead of everybody getting an article, my time goes to just you).

If I had unlimited time, and no other things to do (away from the computer), I would be glad to do that for free, as well.  But there is your incentive to dig in the blog and forum for free insights, or save time and ask me directly – and in return supporting the site financially.

3.  The Forum


You got the four free mini course installments.

You read the blog on a regular basis.  You understand all the core concepts.  But now, you have questions.

This is why we have the forum.  Participants who chose the supported option from the paid choices (but not one-on-one), can use the forum to have questions answered.  I created the forum so I could keep the cost of my time very low.  If I answer a question in an e-mail, the benefit will never go beyond just the one recipient.  

That is the highest cost of my time, relative to the benefit for others.

But, if I answer the question in the forum then you, if you are patient enough to dig through the past threads, can find answers to questions you may have yourself. 

Odds are that somewhere along the line, I have answered a question very similar to your own, in the forum.

Of course this is not the most convenient thing in the world, and will take time, patience, and some reading.  But you doing so takes up exactly zero of my time – so I don’t need to charge you for it.  

The benefit is that we get the most honest possible, least financially demanding solution for you.  

And if you prefer to log on and ask a question in the forum, the paid course is still an incredibly inexpensive way to get direct support.  It really is a deal that you will never, ever find anywhere else, for myopia rehabilitation.  This is not to pat myself on the back – just look at the resource, and think of how all of the choices really benefit you, most of all.

There is one-on-one.  Even that is a beyond excellent deal for you.  Availability there is quite limited, and while the price is very low (considering how only you benefit and not the community), that option is the most expensive here.  I do this to discourage one-on-one use, and really have you think about how much you want full individual attention and customization, before making a decision.

I am glad to answer some e-mail questions.  Please do be aware though, how much of my time it takes to answer those – so if you choose not to contribute to the site,  consider that you are taking away some of my time from clients who chose to support this project financially.

In other words, I am always glad to help, but my answers may be short, take a bit of time, and often will refer you back to the resources you can research here, freely, to help you as well.

Do e-mail me though, for quick notes!

And of course, the paid program options make things easy.  Step-by-step, how-to guide, support from me via the forum (or e-mail if one-on-one).  I much appreciate your contributions, as hopefully do the many readers who benefit from the free resources here.

Remember:  1)  Foundations via the e-mail course.  2)  Details, ongoing motivation via the blog.  3)  Research common questions and progress reports via the forum.

It’s all there, at no cost to you.

The only thing to pay for (if you want to), is if you prefer the convenience of step-by-step, and want active support.  In that case, investigate the paid improvement course.  The first month covers all the basics, step-by-step.  If you want more than the basics, get another month (or two).  The paid program is structured on the same premise as the free site – get you the most possible return for your investment, in the least amount of time.

BONUS:  Get A Free Forum Membership, If You Complete The Free Course!

This means access to the community, have me answer questions, share your progress, and provide feedback.   The details on how to get the free membership, read here.

The most important thing is your eyesight!  I hope this site is providing you with help and guidance to restore your healthy vision.

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