The ‘weekly’ progress report compendium is still waiting on my desktop, growing daily in contributions.

Really not a moment of extra time these days, working on off-grid essentials before the monsoon season kicks in full force.  There’s basically going to be no building things outside for the next five or six months.  So whatever we may want to get done, it’s crunch time right now.

Anyway.  Even with all that, had to come in to share this 20/20 progress update with you:

Look at that chart, too.

And if you’re reading this thinking that Jake is some kind of utter and magnificent genius … you’d be right, of course. 

(more like halfwit than genius, but let’s not be petty)

There are a million small details, nuances, tricks, and ways to reduce minus lens dependence that you’re only going to flush out given enough time and enough people participating.  I keep saying ‘over a decade’ but it’s more like a decade and a half, and the feedback and trial and error experiments of many thousands of fellow myopes.  

That’s how we know when to use a ‘fixed gaze’ (geez Jake, with the silly terminology, just say staring at stuff) vs. active focus to address a lack of clarity in your vision.

I’m doing my best to not hog all of this knowledge, or put it all behind some high and pricey paywall.  If I die, which is well possible (nobody told me about the poisonous snakes and truly enormous scorpions in this jungle beforehand), I still want you to have all the tools to get back to 20/20.  

Unless somebody figures out some major life extension treatment – then of course I’ll require statues of Jake in the park, and private island retreats in exchange for sharing all the ways.

There’s going to be no life extension for you Jake, you’re thinking.

And you’d be right.

So just go make all the 20/20 gains, and enjoy them while we all still can.