Right to the point, today.

Jakey’s got kids (just one for now but more hopefully coming soon).  It’s one thing to be myopic yourself, letting yourself go.  

Your kids, though.  They deserve for us to give them the best possible head start.

A head start that often doesn’t benefit from retail optometry.  

Here’s Kashyap:

Up to you.

Myopia isn’t a “condition”.  It’s only a refractive state your eyes adapted.  Too much close-up and minus lens focal plane stimulus.

A hand on your shoulder, telling you.  You see, unfortunately your kids are a genetic letdown.  It’s your fault really, you know.  Your genetics are just, how can I put this delicately …  subpar.  

A hand in your pocket, taking out just some of your money.  Which is the least you can do.  Saddling your kids with those myopic genes.  Nothing we can do now besides these here glasses and also that’ll be just $399.  See you in 12 months for a follow-up consult.  Have a nice day now.

Go out there, make some 20/20 gains.