We haven’t done gains updates in a while, looks like.  Overdue to add to the 20/20 journey pile!

First up is Keith, who has done something I often recommend – changing optometrists if your existing one doesn’t share your enthusiasm or curiosity, or isn’t at least willing to indulge your wish to explore alternatives to sheeple lenses for life.

Surround yourself with people who enable your ambitions!

Keith’s post from the Facebook group:

Support great optometrists!

There are a variety of these posts in our Facebook group, and I’m not doing it all justice here since I don’t get to post every one of them.  Do poke around the group for more gains reports.

Here’s one more though, from Henry:

Well done.

Of course you don’t strictly need the optometrist’s approval.  Trusting self measurements is a good idea.

But if you’re working with somebody who is engaged with you throughout the process, tells you which diopters you’re looking through at each given moment, has a nice test environment with good light and doesn’t pressure you, by all means enjoy the professional support.  And be sure to buy some glasses from those providers to make sure they stay in business!

Housekeeping Notes:  I’ve been a bit sidetracked by actual business, hence a bit less time to post here in the blog or be active in the Le Meow forum or our Facebook group.  On the good news side, we have over a dozen health and wellness podcasts (some of them quite large) waiting to do interviews and I’m planning to get those done in the coming months.  It’s finally on the active to-do list.  Stay tuned!