A guru walketh among us, darlings.

There was a time you could have been born when the earth was still flat, much like myopia is some kind of mysterious disease in current day optometry reality.  Right now you’re living in a time where the old eye guru’s teachings are still considered heresy.  

What do you mean, they say.  It’s bad eyeball genetics.

Treating symptoms as a for-profit enterprise?  Great idea, Watson!  Nothing could possibly go wrong making money selling things that rely on people never reversing their myopia.  The guy selling you glasses telling you that only his glasses are the right answer.  And incidentally he’s part of an organization that literally owns the monopoly rights to discussing myopia with the public.  Only those who make money selling lenses are “licensed” to “treat” myopia.  

Well played, 100 billion dollar a year lens manufacturing industry.

Stop it Jake, you’re thinking.  Stop subtly self aggrandizing and get to whatever point you’re milking this post for.

Fine.  Here’s Louise, from our Facebook group:

I did milk it.

Look at that, though.

The optometrist confirms that Louise and her son don’t have to worry about myopia much longer.  Should be case closed, should be considered a huge breakthrough, Jake VanJakenstein should be all over the news, given honorary titles by prestigious universities, asked to lecture at ophthalmology conferences.  

Imagine a Jakey with a real beard full of visually imposing gravitas, admonishing a conference full of optometrists.  Ranting about having to teach them remedial biology, explain things already known to anyone reading clinical science journals.

This is exactly why nobody asks you Jake, you’re thinking.  Cause you’s acting crazy all the time.

Fine.  Instead of all that then, more improvement reports.   

Here’s Jane:

How much money for bad advice, indeed.

And because we’re done ranting, let’s just stick with the reports.


No big deal.  Just almost back to 20/20.

Realize that these reports happen every. single. day.

I’m posting as small fraction of a small fraction of darling readers who even take the time to post these updates.  The site currently has about 90.000 regular readers a month, the actual reach and impact of what goes on is growing every day.

Here’s Rochelle:

Take a moment, realize the full meaning of all this.

We could just post these literally all day, every day.  Errrr day.

What other single source could you name, online or off, that in any way claim this kind of success rate, and scale?  Basically you come here, and you learn how to change your refractive state, and you do, and then bye-bye myopia.

And that’s all.

If you want more of this out there, add your own voice, make your own YouTube videos, post your improvement reports.  Like Matt, and Neal, and Angie, and others, and hopefully you, as well!  Share posts from the site you find interesting.  Add fuel to the fire because ultimately what spreads the word, is you spreading the word.