Today let’s look at a case of “eyes damaged in a way uncorrectable with lenses”.  

You’ll notice a guru-trend here in the blog of things that require a measure of sarcasm, presented in quotations.  Like “eye doctor”, or “Bates Method teacher”.   And it’s perfectly normal to attribute all the derision to some natural proclivity of an elusive eye guru to be grumpy old geezer-stein.  

But then if you read enough here in the blog, look at enough science, partake in enough Facebook discussion, you start to get it.  

All the sarcasm is just a necessary coping mechanism.

For coping with stupid.

Before we get into the semi-usual barrage of Jake rantings, let’s look at this bit of good news, posted by Melissa in the Facebook group:

Awesome beyond words.

Think about this for a second.

Imagine having “uncorrectable vision”.  Never being able to see the world around you clearly.  That’s more than just an inconvenience.  That’s positively ruining your life.  And doctors telling you that there’s no hope for your eyesight … ouch.  Really, really uncool.

Especially when obviously per above, they’re wrong.

And I feel strongly about this because I too have issues that I can’t get answers for.  I grind my teeth to bits, and despite years of research and asking professionals, I haven’t found a real answer.  It sucks and I really wish there was a tooth guru out there to go, here you go Jake, this is what you need to do.

That’s teeth.  A step or two down from eyesight.  So I can more than imagine Melissa’s feeling when being told that her eyes are just screwed for life.  By people who are protected by the establishment to spout this kind of nonsense.

Which is why, coping mechanism.  Sarcasm.  I don’t know how else to deal with these arrogant dimsickles and their “professional diagnoses”.  Yes, I do want to say, hey dudes how about putting two and two together after learning a bit about vision biology?  How about reading some clinical science and understanding optics?

But hey.  Let’s digress and just look at other bits of good news:

It’s more than just diopters.

People helping themselves.  People helping each other.  Knowledge rather than blind profit pursuits.  Maybe that’s what medicine should be.

Yes, give reasonable smart people the tools, and they can figure this all out.

Here’s another one:

Brains and taking action.

Be the change you want to see in the world.

I’m just another banker-finance a**hole.  But we all have enough space in our lives to just take one thing we learned, one thing that added a lot of value to our lives, and share that.  Yes maybe Scrooge McJakenbeard went a bit overboard in creating a huge Web archive an YouTube channel and Facebook groups.  But it’s either whine and complain about the world, or go do something about it.  If a technologically illiterate malcontent can do it, anyone can!

Start seeing clearly.  It’s metaphorically and actually possibly going to change your life in unexpectedly positive ways.


– Jake