It’s not easy to shares these updates with you, without lapsing into giant guru rants.  In the face of overwhelming 20/20 gains reported literally every single day, you have to wonder how retail optometry the world over continues to be 100% oblivious. 

Or you don’t wonder at all because you took economics 101 in school.


Either way here is Nayana defying capitalist ‘health care’ orders and getting rid of her children’s myopia.  Successfully and fairly easily:

But, Nyana.  What about our profits!

I keep posting these to keep making the same, singular, simple point:

If you have life long myopia, you’re not asking the right questions.  Yes you’re being a good sheeple, a good cog in the machine, funding shareholder profits and corporate wellbeing and GDP growth.  Yes you’re ignoring your screen addiction and the fact that there is life happening outside, likely passing you by rather swiftly.

A good sheeple doesn’t question things.  

At least hopefully you will once you have kids, and they’re giving you that same ridiculous pitch trying to also get your kids as customers.  We have a whole child myopia section here to help you out!