Ok, so …

This one here might be a bit disconcerting to some among us.  The ones in particular with soft hearts and big eyes and open minds and high hopes for humanity not irradiating itself in the nearest future.

For others, it’ll be, meh.  We all knew this already, Jake VonJakeovitz.

Either way.  Here’s yet another post from yet another optometry student who tells us what goes on behind the scenes in the vaunted halls of the illustrious universities teaching vast and complex optometry wisdoms:

All righty, then.

But hey, it’s not that bad.

At least lens manufacturers aren’t hiring strippers to get doctors to sell more prescription drugs.  So you know, at least you can feel safe knowing that this part of retail “health care” hasn’t been completely debased and gutted and made hilarious by large public corporations with hungry shareholders.

Oh Jake, you’re thinking.  Pump those breaks, ole buddy.  You’re about to go full hippie again.


We get e-mails like this, from optometry students, every so often.  Regularly.  Unsurprising-arly.  And from others in the industry, who behind closed doors confirm that everybody knows the score.  Because hey, clear curved pieces of plastic lenses are some of the most profitable commodities of all time, and we’s gots to make thems profitsssss.  

Did I just say clear pieces of plastic?  I meant … “prescriptions”.  And … “genetic condition”.

Pay up, buckos.  See you at the optic shop in the mall.   

Either that or just go make some 20/20 gains.


-El Jaques