Your favorite old beardly sage quite likes to read your improvement updates.

I sometimes say there’s no way I can post them all, but that’s not me complaining.  Getting them is great, they’re the best part of my mornings while making it through e-mail and messages.  Even if I don’t manage to find the time to save each of them to post in the blog, do know that you’re adding to my motivation by sending me updates!

Here’s a great update from Sander, to perhaps add to your 20/20 gains motivation:

Beyond expectations.

That’s pretty much best case scenario.  

And your own mileage may vary.  You should be quite happy with around one diopter of gains per year, each of which are a notable milestone in lower diopter dependence.  Of course if you get extra lucky (and put in the work), you may see gains like Sander.

Here’s Sander’s centimeter gains chart, which reflects his rather fantastic rate of improvement:

Again, that’s not the expected average.

If we want to get philosophical for a moment, we could also be tempted to speculate that change with a real purpose can add quite a bit to your own experience.  

Change for the sake of change, vs. change because you want to use it for something you really like to do.

Either way, keep making those gains, and keep me updated on your progress!