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Shannon asks:

quotesI remember reading somewhere int he course or site that those with high myopia can do 0.5 reductions to save money on glasses etc.. I was just wondering – is it always preferable to move in 0.25 increments or is it sometimes better to move in 0.5? What are your thoughts on choosing reduced prescriptions? I have been moving down in high script contacts, so 0.25 was not an option until my next reduction -5.75, which is still over -4.0, which is still considered high myopia.”

Here’s what I suggest:

quotes-blueIt’s hard to make a blanket statement about that, which will actually benefit you.

Case by case. If you had a pretty conservative prescription last, or if you’ve improved quite a bit and want to get a bit more blur challenge, sometimes a 0.50 reduction makes good sense. Also keep in mind that 0.50 is different at high myopia than low myopia.

For example, if you go down from a -9.00 to a -8.50, that just six percent reduction.

If you go down from a -2.50 to a -2.00, that’s a TWENTY percent reduction.


So, those are two factors to keep in mind. In the end the question is what’s right for your eyes, at that particular time. If you look at your Snellen results, and your centimeter results (and change), I’ll be glad to offer pointers (if you post the data here).”

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– Jake