If you’re about to have a vacation coming up, and about to be ready for reduced normalized glasses, this article is for you!

Discussion courtesy of the BackTo20/20 forum, and David:

And centimeter gains!

My comments:

Familiar environments during focal plane changes, good idea.

As with most things here it makes perfect sense once you know.  Make it easy for your visual cortex to sort out a focal plane change, by not also changing your visual environment at the same time.  People tend to underestimate the role of the visual cortex in vision improvement, and the impact of a small diopter reduction paired with a totally unfamiliar environment.  But there’s a huge difference between going on a walk in your very familiar neighborhood with a small extra blur challenge, or being somewhere you’ve never been before with the same reduction.  Your brain very possibly *will* go, hey I don’t know what any of this is, and i can’t see a *thing* – a disproportionate response to a small diopter reduction.  

Think about the first time you tried to focus on a familiar sign without glasses, or with a reduction – and how the sign jumped into clarity while everything around it might have remained blurry.  Recall is a powerful thing, and the positive affirmation of familiarity is a very useful tool when you’re pushing for lower diopters.

You’re thinking, that genius, Jake.  Genius and obvious.

Indeed.  Go make some 20/20 gains!

Bonus:  Have kids and having a hard time getting them to make 20/20 gains?  There’s another thread in the support forum I just wrote a lengthy explainer for.  Since there’s just too much to catch up for the blog that one might not make it to here, but if you have a membership you can find that thread & discussion here.