Here’s a type of question we get regularly:

“Hey Jake.  I see lots of people’s improvement stories, but what about getting back to actual 20/20?” 

Valid inquiry, this.

Here’s what happens, for some perspective.  A large majority of the many progress reports are all about work in progress.   Diopters reduced, 20/20 gains made.  Consider that a person may have dozens of great improvement milestones, but only one final 20/20 story.   So you get a lot more progress reports, than final victory reports.  Also since for most people improvement happens at an average rate of 1/4 diopter every 3-4 months (or around 0.75 to 1 diopter per year), it can take a while to get to that 20/20 result for most average myopes.  

That’s why you’ll see a lot of progress stories for each one no-more-glasses 20/20 report.

Here as example, Teddy.  He’s getting very close to the ultimate goal:


Here’s the important take-away:

If you see 1/4 diopter improvement, you *will* get to 20/20 without glasses.  Why?

The eye is a stimulus response system.  It responds to stimulus, and that’s not limited to just some arbitrary number of diopters.  If you provide the right stimulus, it responds (which is how you got multiple diopters of myopia in the first place).  And if you make that 1/4 diopter gain (of reductions), you just figured out the stimulus and applied it correctly.  Keep doing what you did for that 1/4 diopter, and you’ll get the next one, and the next one, and the next one … until you’re at 20/20.

That’s the big difference between what we do here, and various unicorn pony farms on the Internet.  Habit based, stimulus driven, predictable results generating systems.  

Be your own eye guru.  Be like Teddy, say bye-bye to diopter dependence.