After the past few most recent posts having been guru ramblings, it’s time to get back to the main part of this whole show:

The darling kittehs making all the 20/20 gains.

Jakey after all could just be another Internet kook, talking far fetched eyeball conspiracies.  As one of our forum members pointed out the other day, most of the online evidence from large Websites clearly suggests that the eye guru is just another unicorn farmer.  Everywhere except endmyopia is all about how myopia is genetic and glasses are a fine fix.  So … odds are they must be right.  Right?

Except Google Scholar of course, and most of peer reviewed clinical science.  But hey, that’s not the Internet … that’s science.  We all know how science isn’t all that popular with ad supported Web “health” destinations – and actual well-being not being a big hit with “medical” Websites.

See?  Jake, the Internet kook.

Which is all why I recommend you first look at the thousands of improvement reports first hand from participants, and then at the science.  Don’t look at “who to trust”.  Trust yourself, and your own research and your own trying out stuff.  It’s safe enough and quick enough.  Success requires initiative.

Here’s Tess, for some inspiration:

Like I said …

The average Western person these days it seems, is a 9-5 desk sheeple who dislikes their job, their spouse, and most of their life at large.

Glasses are a perfect and only slightly ironic expression of average life.

Think about it.  People completely trust some utterly random stranger, who meanwhile very clearly is profiting from selling stuff, telling everyone that we’re genetically defective.  Just because that person has a made up title that some other group of complete strangers have given her/him.  Yea, I guess they must be right, I do feel like a genetic reject anyway.  I’ll just pay for these here glasses and get back to my menial existence.

Don’t feel bad.  even yee ole Jakey was that guy for a couple of decades, too.  Desk job, glasses, the whole bit.  

But all of it is complete and utter horsesh*t.  Everything that you don’t put effort into, everything that you don’t make your own mission, everything that you don’t work for, is not in your likely best interest.  Those random strangers don’t work out of the kindness of their profound little hearts.  They’re making money, and because there’s no money in telling you the truth, they’re telling you what’s convenient instead.

Up to you, all of this.  Including maybe making all the 20/20 gains, just like Tess is.