Arch bishop Papa Giorgio VonderCrankypants just uploaded a new video for you, discussing a very commonly posed endmyopia question.

Which is, hey Jake.  Should I reduce my diopters?

This question is one of those curiously self-answering ones, once you stop and think about what diopters are about, and why you’d possibly want to reduce them.

Or in other words, this is rarely the actual question to ponder.

More on this in the video:

Jovial, that’s the word you’re looking for.

And as always, please don’t mind the apparent crankyface.  It’s one part personality and another part that it’s probably not entirely natural to every day be presented with hundreds of inquiries and oft-repeating questions.

I do my best to organize common inquiries into resources here.  Your questions help me to gauge what’s missing and what warrants more discussion and details.

So keep the questions coming, even if sometimes that means General DerHuffypants growling at the camera on the Tubes.

Keep making all the 20/20 gains!