Progress updates, darlings!

Before we go there though, let’s take a moment and appreciate all the deeply authentic photography of the guru available here on endmyopia.  

Biding time while waiting to get back to places with faster Internet, to get back to some how-to videos for you.  If you’re getting bored and hoping for updates, I have also been taking the time to answer some of the thread in the Facebook group and Le Meow.  

Here’s Will’s update:

Solid low myopia territory.

That’s exactly where you want to get to.

Very close, another couple of quick reductions, and it’s no more glasses for close-up.  Then we’re right around the corner from the last diopter, which is a pretty fun one to resolve.  And then, done.  No more glasses.  

There’s times when even your favorite old guru reaches for his face, expecting to find his glasses.  And then thinking, oh geez I left them in the coffee shop.  But that could just be early onset dementia plus being entirely too distracted thinking about numbers and contracts and who could use a good smacking.

Make those gains, darlings.  Glasses nothing but an excuse to be a shorn little sheeple for retail optometry.